The Center for Dental Rehabilitation specializes in full sedation dentistry.
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The greatest benefit has been the impact on my overall health. When Dr. Toal removed all the infection out of my mouth, rather than just focusing on the one broken tooth, it greatly improved my health. I cannot stress enough Dr. Toal’s method and the importance of hospital dentistry for those of us with medical conditions that leave no alternative for a safe procedure. Literally, our health and well-being depends on it.
Medically Compromised
I have lived with mouth pain (both teeth and gums) for as long as I can remember. I am deathly afraid of dentists and have zero tolerance for pain. That’s probably the reason my teeth and gums were in such poor condition. Thanks to Dr. Toal offering me complete sedation, all my teeth were properly treated and my gums are healthy again! She is very patient, very informative and very thorough. Additionally, every member of her staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. What a wonderful experience this turned out to be! I highly recommend Dr. Toal, especially if you have a fear of dentists. She is the BEST!
Alida (google review)
Dental Phobic
Dr. Toal has gone above and beyond what I thought any medical provider would do for a patient. She and the other staff have gone out of their way for me.
Eric, Patient
Medically Compromised
My husband had such a positive experience, and everybody here is always very friendly. The work was excellent—I could see that. When it turned out that I needed to have some things done, I decided to have my work done here, too.
Wife of Dental Phobic
Coming here was an extremely positive experience. Not only Dr. Toal. You immediately put your trust in her, but the staff, too. You are welcomed. You are at home. It’s a very warm experience.
Current Patient, Former Marine
Dental Phobic, Dental Anxiety
He loves his teeth—he shows them to everyone. I'm so grateful that we have a place to bring him for care.
Mother of Patient
Down Syndrome
Jeremy, a former Marine, was on a two-day leave when his motorcycle crashed. He suffered a serious head injury that crushed his skull. He now has three acrylic plates surrounding and protecting his brain. He can’t really communicate anymore. He must’ve been in pain, because during a dental procedure, he bit his old dentist. The dentist told me he couldn’t treat Jeremy anymore, and sent us to Dr. Toal at the Center for Dental Rehabilitation—and I’m so grateful he did.
Jeremy's Caregiver
Patient with a Traumatic Head Injury
Dr. Toal is so good with special needs people. I can’t get over it. She’s better than most of the teachers in Tom’s life. Dr. Toal knows everything, and she knows exactly what’s going to be happening to Tom in the next few weeks as far as what can he eat and things like that.
Mother of Patient
Special Needs, Adult Child
I’m a big dental phobic. I wasn’t feeling well for about six or seven months. I finally went to the dentist and he told me I needed to have six teeth extracted. I told him I needed IV sedation. His office doesn’t do that, so he sent me to Dr. Toal. I got to Dr. Toal’s office and she said, "No, you don’t need to lose any teeth, and here’s our game plan." Today is Monday. I had my procedure done on Friday — I was sedated for about six hours. The recovery is going extremely well and the swelling went down relatively quickly. I’m looking forward to stage two!
Dental Phobic

Everyone deserves safe, quality dentistry.

I want to give you credit for walking in the door. No matter what you've been through in the past, I know my team can restore your mouth to health.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Maureen Toal
Doctor of Medical Dentistry
Dr. Toal, DMD

What makes us so unique?
You do.

We Specialize in
Difficult Cases:

Medically Compromised

Developmental Disabilities

Down Syndrome

Multiple Sclerosis

Dental Phobic / Dental Anxiety

Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics

Co-morbid Health Conditions


Maureen M. Toal, DMD

Dr. Maureen Toal, D.M.D.

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Chad Martin, Center for Dental Rehabilitation

Chad Martin

Office Manager / Lead Dental Assistant

Deborah, our Treatment Coordinator


Treatment Coordinator

From Localized Numbing to
Full Anesthesia.

Level 1: Basic Sedation

Most people are familiar with basic sedation. Typically, patients with mild anxiety are offered some combination of oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and a local anesthesia (like novacaine). The local anesthesia numbs a particular area of the mouth, while the other methods induce a mild calming sensation.

Many dentists are only able to offer this level of sedation. For our patients with more severe difficulty, we offer IV sedation and general anesthesia.

Level 2: IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation provides a fast-acting sedative through a vein in your arm. While you won’t remember the procedure afterward, you do remain awake and able to respond to commands. IV sedation is typically used during wisdom teeth extraction or while receiving a dental implant.

Patients with higher levels of anxiety may opt for IV sedation to mitigate the stress response of a dental visit.

Level 3: General Anesthesia

General anesthesia provides a completely unconscious experience for the patient. Some patients, due to medical or developmental issues, cannot tolerate any conscious dental work. When we use general anesthesia on our patients, we include a board-certified medical anesthesiologist for the duration of your treatment.

You’ll sleep through the entire procedure, and wake up infection-free, with a brand new smile.

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