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Your dental health is important to you, and scheduling your routine cleanings should not be a cause for concern. At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we offer a range of general dentistry services delivered with our commitment to enhancing your oral health. We work differently than other dental practices, in that we focus on addressing all of our patients’ concerns in as few visits as possible. We treat the mouth as a single organism to reduce the stress on you and to ensure that you have the focused and committed dental care that you are looking for.

Patients are typically referred to us for the following reasons:

  • If you feel nervous or are afraid of the dentist, needles, or medical environments
  • If you cannot keep your mouth open for a long time while your procedure is being done
  • If you need extensive dental work carried out in your mouth
  • Patients who are medically compromised
  • If you have experienced a dental trauma and need specialized care
  • Your gag reflex is particularly sensitive
  • You are non-ambulatory and are not able to see a normal dentist

How Often Do I Need a Check-Up?

At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we recommend that you visit your dentist for a cleaning and check-up at least every six months. Depending on your particular circumstance, we may recommend more frequent visits to ensure proper care and hygiene. We have a number of options for sedation including oral medications, nitrous oxide or general anesthetic to reduce the anxiety that a dental check-up can cause. We specialize in providing dental care to patients who may have not had success with other dentists for any reason. If you are immunocompromised, developmentally disabled, have a medical condition or dental phobia, or are non-ambulatory, we welcome you to our safe and comfortable clinic where you can receive the care you need with compassion and respect.

Cleaning and Check-up

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At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, our primary goal is to solve our patients’ dental concerns as thoroughly and painlessly as possible. To find out more about our general dentistry services, or to book an appointment, call today at (602) 485-0505.