Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Dental Care for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

You may have received a number of restorative dental procedures in your lifetime, but most of these procedures have a limited lifespan. Truthfully, retaining your natural teeth is the best option for lasting results. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation offers a comprehensive list of services, including full mouth rehabilitation, that completely restores and rejuvenates your smile while removing all traces of decay and infection that could cause further problems. Full mouth rehabilitation is a process where we attempt to fix or repair your natural teeth, or replaces old and worn teeth for a more natural looking smile that you will love for years to come.

What is Involved in Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The Center for Dental Rehabilitation offers full mouth rehabilitation for a complete restoration of your beautiful smile. This treatment may be recommended in certain circumstances such as major trauma or an injury to the mouth, or if years of neglect has led to the decay and infection requiring a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition, certain foods, drinks and lifestyle habits can severely affect your teeth, leading to discoloration, weakness, and damage to your natural teeth. On top of that, teeth with fillings may have developed tooth decay over time. The purpose of full mouth rehabilitation is to remove all previous dental work, cleaning and rehabilitating the affected areas, and replacing them with brand new fillings, veneers, crowns or implants to improve or replace damaged or worn teeth. The end result of full mouth rehabilitation is a perfectly structured smile that is consistent, clean and beautiful.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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There is no reason to let a damaged smile get you down. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation offers dental care services that provide full mouth rehabilitation so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile once again. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call today at (602) 485-0505.