Dental Care for People Who Have A Dental Phobia or Severe Anxiety

Dental Care for People Who Have a Dental Phobia

Dental Care for People Who Have a Dental Phobia or Severe Anxiety

According to the NCBI, nearly 80% of Americans suffer from some anxiety when visiting the dentist. Of those, 20% suffer severe anxiety when going to the dentist’s office. In its most severe form, this anxiety is known as dental phobia and requires a different level of care in order to ensure that the patient can successfully get the treatment they need now and in the future. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation puts a great deal of focus in treating patients with dental phobia using a range of techniques that not only increase oral health but also the comfort of the patient. Our whole team is involved from the moment you walk in the door to reduce your stress for a successful visit. You see, we are different than your traditional dentist office. We provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere putting our patients at ease. We don’t push, intimidate, or otherwise add additional stress to our clients. Rather, we work with them to calm their fears and work within their means to ensure they have a positive dental experience.

Sedation Options for Your Visit

If you are not relaxed during your visit, it can compromise your level of dental care. At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we offer a range of options for patients that reduce anxiety and dental phobia at every level. For more mild cases, we provide oral and localized sedation as well as nitrous oxide, but if you have an extreme dental phobia, we provide full intravenous sedation as well as general anesthetic provided by a board-certified medical anesthesiologist for safer and more effective treatment.

Sedation Options for Your Visit

Do Not Let Your Phobia Hold You Back from Proper Dental Care

Everyone requires proper dental care throughout their lives, but with a severe dental phobia, you could be at risk of infection, gum disease or more. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation offers sedation options for a more successful and comfortable visit. Schedule your appointment today by calling (602) 485-0505.