Toal Method

Toal Method: Safely Incorporating
Anesthesia into Dentistry

Toal Method Seminar

Better Patient Care, Better Practice Profitability

Maureen Toal Method

Give us 3 Days, we’ll give you 25+ years

The Toal Method provides a comfortable and secure access to treatment for a range of special needs patients, including those suffering from severe dental treatment anxiety, medical disorders which prevent them from receiving traditional treatment, or those with physical, mental, or psychological challenges that have limited their access and ability to receive dental treatment in the traditional setting.

The three pillars of the Toal Method proactive dental treatment:

  • Treating the mouth as an organ system to ensure total heath of the mouth and body
  • Developing effective and comprehensive treatment plans that address all issues and approach to communicating with patients
  • Incorporating oral, intravenous, and general anesthesia with intubation for greater predictability, comfort, reduced anxiety and stress, and the ability to initiate and complete more procedures in fewer visits

Benefits of Toal Method

By the end of the seminar,
you should be able to:

  • Provide multiple interdisciplinary procedures at one time
  • Provide effective dental treatment options for a large population whose needs historically go unmet. Including the treatment of patients with special needs, physical, and/or emotional or psychological factors that prevent them from traditional treatment.
  • Communicate more effectively with patients to address incidents that may have caused pain, fear, and/or anxiety about the treatment.
  • Communicate more effectively with patients to address costs so they understand the value of treatment.
  • Generate more revenue and improve profitability.
  • Maximize the “human tools” of the practice to improve productivity for greater efficiency.
  • Understand how to implement 4- and 6-handed dentistry.
  • Manage and maintain more patients with less referrals out.

Toal Method will help you
expand your practice

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Toal Method: Safely Incorporating Anesthesia into Dentistry

3-Day Seminar Includes:

  • Seminar and training method
  • Two (2) Live Patient Experiences (LPE): One (1) during seminar, One (1) within 90 days
  • Ongoing access to Toal Method archive of case studies and best practices
In order to ensure a personal and hands-on experience, space is limited to five (5) participants per session. Participations is confirmed upon payment and sessions are closed 14 days prior to start date.

Private sessions can be added with a minimum of 30-days notice.

All sessions are held at Dr. Toal’s practice, the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Dr.Toal completed her General Practice Residency at John Cochran VA Medical Center and Reavis Barracks VA. Her four-year preceptorship was at Lutheran Medical Center. She started in private practice with her father in St. Louis, learning IS hospital dentistry.

In 1990, Dr. Toal moved to Arizona and in 1996, set up a one-of-its-kind operating room in her dental facility that allows her to utilize all forms of anesthesia.

Dr. Toal has the unique ability to treat her patients in a hospital setting and has had hospital privileges at Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Paradise Valley Hospital, and currently Abrazo Scottsdale.

Dr. Toal has combined hundreds of hours of continuing education with her 25 years of practical hands-on experience to create “Toal Method.” This 3-day course was designed to empower dentists to treat all types of patients using all forms of anesthesia in a safe, predictable and stress-free manner.

Toal Method seminars also focus on the operational efficiency of using anesthesia for improved practice profitability.

Toal MethodMT seminars

Better Patient Care.
Better Practice Profitability.