Dental Care for Developmental Disabilities

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Dental Care for Developmental Disabilities

Proper dental care is essential for every person regardless of health or developmental status. However, a trip to the dentist can be one that instills anxiety and fear in many people. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation provides quality dental care for people with developmental disabilities in a caring, compassionate and reassuring way. Our treatment program promotes ongoing dental health and hygiene through a specialized approach that ensures that the patient feels calm and comfortable throughout the visit and with the at-home care routines. We involve our entire dental team to ensure a successful visit every time.

Important Factors in the Dental Care for People with Developmental Disabilities

At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we focus on proper communication with all of our patients. You may wish to have an initial visit to become acquainted with our team and so that we can determine the proper course of action to ensure proper oral health. Any phobias or anxieties will be addressed to ensure that the patient is comfortable with the treatments, and we work individually with each patient to determine a customized dental routine that can be conducted properly and safely in the home. Our approach ensures that each visit is a successful one for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Take the Steps Towards Great Oral Health Today

Dental care should be accessible to everybody regardless of ability and health status. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation welcomes our patients with developmental disabilities to receive the care they deserve. Learn more today or schedule an appointment by calling us at (602) 458-0505.