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Sonoran Living, October 2019

Dr. Maureen Toal on abc15’s Sonoran Living

Afraid of the dentist? Medically compromised? Caring for a loved one with a developmental disability, an elderly family member, or someone who is homebound? You’re not alone, and we have the solution. Full sedation dentistry means that we can address your ENTIRE MOUTH in two or three visits using General Anesthesia. Watch our featured spot on abc15’s Sonoran Living with Terry O. Dr. Toal will show you how you can have pain-free, stress-free dental care. You’ll sleep through the entire procedure. No case is too difficult!
Sonoran Living, November 2019

Is Fear Keeping You from the Dentist? Full-Sedation Dentist Treats Patients with Dental Phobia

It’s estimated that 40 million people avoid the dentist out of FEAR. Some people require full IV anesthesia — complete sedation — just to have X-rays taken. Whether you’ve skipped necessary dental care because of fear or because of physical or developmental challenges, Dr. Maureen Toal at the Center for Dental Rehabilitation can help! We complete full mouth restorations in 2-3 visits, start to finish! Call us today to schedule your pain-free (no touching!) consultation: (602) 485-0505.

Sonoran Living, December 2019

Full-Sedation Dentist Treats Patients with Severe Challenges

Our full-sedation dentistry allows us to treat ALL patients, including those who’ve never received dental care due to physical or developmental difficulties. We initiated and completed all procedures within two visits for each of the patients featured in this video. Dr. Toal and the Center for Dental Rehabilitation can help you, too!

Sonoran Living, January 2020

Fixing Your Teeth Can Save Your Life

Untreated infections in your mouth can cause serious complications to the rest of the body, including heart disease, pain-related insomnia, malnutrition, and more. Bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic, meaning they don’t need oxygen to live. They’re strong and deadly, and can affect your brain, heart, liver, and lungs. Don’t let fear, phobia, or other limitations prevent you from seeking necessary care.