Dr Toal

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Dr Maureen Toal DMD

Dr. Maureen Toal, D.M.D.

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Over 98% of our patients are referrals from doctors and other dentists.

Dr. Toal has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. She believes in treating the oral cavity as a complete organ system, and often corrects years of neglect and infection in one or two sittings.

Dr. Toal uses all forms of anesthesia to treat patients who are unable to tolerate a traditional dental setting. She works in tandem with a board-certified, medical anesthesiologist to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for her patients.

The Center for Dental Rehabilitation specializes in difficult cases, and Dr. Toal’s unique experience allows her to treat children and adults suffering from dental phobia and dental anxiety; those patients with comorbid health issues; medically compromised patients; patients with developmental disorders; and recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Each patient is granted full control over their care.

Dr. Toal’s dental experience began as a dental assistant at her father’s practice in St. Louis, Missouri. After receiving her certification in dental assisting in 1973, she secured her license in dental hygiene in 1975. After graduating from Washington University Dental School in 1985, she continued her studies with an additional year of post-graduate training in Hospital Dentistry at the VA Medical Center in St. Louis.

She received advanced training in anesthesia and emergency medicine, and is a Fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, as well as a Diplomat of the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Toal has been practicing in Phoenix, Arizona since 1990. She has established a complete dental operatory for IV sedation and general anesthesia in her private practice, providing hospital dentistry in an outpatient setting. In addition, Dr. Toal has privileges in several outpatient surgery centers and hospitals around the valley.