Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology Services Phoenix AZ

Oral Pathology Services

At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we focus on an all-inclusive approach to dental care treating the mouth as a single organ. This allows us to combine multiple services in fewer settings creating a more comfortable, stress free dental experience. As it relates to Oral Pathology, as we examine a patient’s mouth and develop a comprehensive treatment plan, we are looking for things like lesions, infection, discolorations and more which can be a sign of a serious problem which need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Some of the more common conditions we see are:

  • Jaw misalignments
  • Periodontal disease
  • Oral ulcers
  • Oral cancer
  • Infection
We know that dental issues and oral health concerns can be stressful for patients. That’s why the staff at the Center for Dental Rehabilitation work tirelessly to provide the best possible patient experience, from the initial consultation, surgery, and your recovery. Our office is designed to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed, and we offer a wide variety of sedation options including anesthesia dentistry, so patients experience minimal pain and maximum relaxation.

Warning Signs for Oral Disorders

There are a number of diseases and abnormalities that can happen in a person’s mouth. Some can come from neglect while others can come from environmental or genetic influences. Common symptoms may include:

  • Chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • Sores or lesions inside the mouth
  • Red or white patches on the interior cheeks or tongue
  • Bleeding of mouth sores
Warning Signs for Oral Disorders

Routine dental care is best for the prevention of common dental issues. For some patients, that can be difficult due to a medical condition, phobia or anxiety, or other circumstance which often leads to years of neglect. At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we work hard to create an environment that removes some of the stress and anxiety associated with going to the dentist. Our patients are comforted knowing they are working with one of the best dentists and dental offices in Arizona. Our team will put together a comprehensive treatment plan providing our patients with options to ensure they get the care that is right for them.