Lots of dentists advertise 'sedation dentistry.' How are you different?

Many dentists are able to offer an oral sedative to help a patient relax. Some may even consider this ‘sedation dentistry.’ We do not.

As far as we’re concerned, full sedation dentistry allows for the use of intravenous drugs and/or anesthesia administered through a mask; the same anesthesia you would receive in the hospital during an operation.

It is because of this distinction that other dentists and health care providers so often refer their difficult cases to our Center.

How many visits will I need?

Including the initial consultation, most patients only need two to three visits with Dr. Toal–regardless of initial damage, infection, or neglect. Your first visit (the consultation) is a NO POKING visit. We can complete a consultation without exacerbating your pain.

I know there are risks involved with anesthesia. Is this safe?

The Center for Dental Rehabilitation takes every precaution to ensure a safe and pain free procedure for each of our patients. This is why we use a board-certified medical anesthesiologist with each full sedation restoration.


Many dentists (including Dr. Toal) are trained and certified in the use of anesthesia. However, Dr. Toal firmly believes that anyone undergoing an anesthetized procedure should have a dedicated, board-certified, fully attentive anesthesiologist attending strictly to the sedation.

Can you treat all of my dental problems at once?
Other dentists often refer their patients to specialists for individual treatments, such as a tooth extraction, a root canal, or to receive an implant. Here at the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we perform every needed treatment on every individual patient.

We firmly believe that the mouth is a single organ, and should be treated as such.

Three other dentists turned me away. How can you help me?
We specialize in treating patients who cannot tolerate a traditional dental setting. We have both medical staff and dental staff. Quite often, the patients we see are medically compromised, and they are not able to receive treatment from a typical dentist.

Our staff is caring and compassionate, and we’re very accustomed to keeping nervous patients and their family members informed during the entire restoration process.

Do you accept insurance?
As a courtesy, our office is happy to submit paperwork to your insurance company for you.
Why would you use Anesthesia over oral or IV sedation?
There is a large patient population where sedation dentistry can be more dangerous than having a patient in a captive state using general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. We see that vulnerable population ranging from patients with MS, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s Syndrome, frightened patients, the very young, the very old, and may more medically complicated situations. These patients cannot sit in the regular dental setting therefore comprehensively treating the whole oral cavity in a specific period of time (usually within one or two treatments) can create better outcomes than a traditional dental setting.
What is Your Covid Policy?
At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, we continue to actively monitor the coronavirus situation. Learn more about the steps we are taking to ensure your safety. Click here